Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Top 7

Movie tune night! I don't like how much time they spent talking about last week's overrun and that Simon won't be critiquing all of the contestants (because only two judges will be critiquing each singer). Ridiculous (if true).

I question Allison's choice of a song that David Cook nailed last season. Her take on "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" is very faithful to Aerosmith, but it doesn't have the fireworks Cookie had. Is it me or is she starting to sound hoarse (on both belting notes and on non-belting notes)? Glad Simon gives her a big endorsement, it's totally true with how bad Lil has flailed at the performance stage. Allison is the female frontrunner.

Anoop is singing Bryan Adams ("Everything I Do"). What is this, Scott MacIntyre? Oh, god. I'm concerned, though I dunno if I'd go for the, um, gruff that Quentin was recommending? Why is Anoop wearing a letterman jacket? His preppy look usually works, but not tonight (it went form preppy collegiate to high school). I think that I can tell Anoop that it's not worth dying for. Randy and Kara love it. Maybe I was prejudiced from the song choice?

Adam is singing "Born To Be Wild." YAYZ, go Princess! OMG, Emo!Shag is back! Is it just me or is Adam just kind of having a little rock concert during his performance instead of, y'know, playing the role of contestant on Idol? Which I'm all for. Really. Because WE ALL KNOW HOW THIS SEASON ENDS. Not my favorite performance, but he had to go uptempo after last week's "Mad World" (or, maybe, he should have just sung "Mad World" again...? Donnie Darko, what?) Definitely a performance the haters of the Adam Lamber Shriek will not like. Notice that Simon is commenting on Allison and Adam, but not Anoop? I wonder if Simon has chosen who he's going to critique? PS, Paula: "Fortune favors the brave"?

Ugh, Matt Giraud is also singing Bryan Adams ("Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman")? Okay, um, hi... Anoop is not Scott MacIntyre tonight. Matt is. Me go sleeps now? Ooof, there's a LOT of pitch problems. And melody changing. And sheer suck.

Danny singing "Endless Love" ... okay, not the song I'd have picked (um, far from?) but I'll bite. Also... no glasses? Danny needs teeth whitener. OMG, Quentin's "stick your hands in your pockets and stop gesturing you crazy person, let it come out in your voice and eyes" advice is right on. Once again, though... Danny fails to heed some great advice (perviously: not singing some words her was advised to during "Get Ready"). Unlike Matt and Anoop, even though it was a slow ballad, it's really expertly sung. But, like Simon says (ugh... really wish I hadn't typed that...) it's very traditional. Also, check the dead wife story! Remember that?

The other contestants should be afraid because Kris is singing the perfect song in "Falling Slowly" from Once. What a great, subdued song. What a great, subdued movie. What a great, subdued performance (although, to be fair... it's not like he reinvented the song, he sang it pretty much entirely the same way it was in the movie just like Gokey... it's just that this was the perfect choice... wish he'd done falsetto towards the end instead of taking a beat and belting the key change). This week is everything last week wasn't. It'd be really interested to see him do the song with nothing but him and the piano (and him playing the song). Barring a surprising turn from Lil... night goes to Kris (oh, who are we kidding, night goes to Princess Lambert)? HOW THE HELL IS THIS AN OBSCURE SONG, IT WON THE GODDAMN OSCAR LAST YEAR. Sorry. I know, it's obscure. But WHY? IT'S SO PRETTY. Whatever. Randy is wrong. This particular judgment makes me really pissed the show didn't figure out how to fit it all into an hour (ONCE AGAIN... this week over by 3 minutes because Idol was already set to go to 9:01pm rather than end at 9pm) and let everyone, particularly Simon, speak out on all of the contestants. Seriously.

Lil sings "The Rose" and I think she's done. Stick a fork in her. Only thing saving her this week is, um... Matt, actually. There has to be a gospel song out there Lil could have sung, because that quarter-ish of the song was actually good. I get what she's saying to Simon, I do, but jeez, you wouldn't have to defend yourself if you PICKED THE RIGHT SONG, or even something in the right ballpark.

Bottom 3: Lil (staying if she's lucky...), Anoop, Matt (going home?)

Will the judges bust out the Judges Save if Lil is up for elimination? I don't think so at this point. That "tool" should really only be used if, say, for some awful reason Adam or Allison or Danny are voted off.

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