Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pilot Script Review - Empire State

Teleplay By: Michael Seitzman
Story By: Michael Seitzman & Jeffrey Reiner
Draft Date: January 22, 2009
Pages: 62
Network: ABC
Category: Thumbs Up

Who is this Michael Seitzman and how did he wind up writing 2 of my 7 "Thumbs Up" pilot scripts? He comes from movies. Maybe that's it. There's a very heady air of intelligence and importance in both Empire State and House Rules. Which naturally means if either/both are picked up, it's far more likely they will be wholeheartedly rejected. Oh well. I still like the script!

Empire State is a 30-something Romeo and Juliet tale told between two NYC families: one headed by a real estate tycoon, the other by the head of an iron-workers union. Our two would-be lovebirds are Sam Cochrane, son of James (union leader), and Annabelle Maddox, daughter of Victor (tycoon). Sam just graduated Queens College (the first in his immediate family to go to / graduate college) and headed to Columbia Law. Annabelle is part of her dad's empire.

This is only a problem because of, well, the whole plot of the pilot, which involves union negotiations and potential striking, faulty construction projects, suspected murder, family betrayals, etc etc etc. Oh, and it turns out Victor Maddox is the father of one of Sam's cousins.

Like, I can't talk about this pilot any more because to talk about it would be to ruin it. This is the kind of ambitious project that really gets my motor going.

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Anonymous said...

hey i watched the pilot as part of a survey online, it is great.