Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pilot Script Review - Light Years

Written By: Liz Tigelaar
Draft Date: May 21, 2008 (another draft date from long ago meaning that, hopefully, the project has undergone significant revisions)
Pages: 59
Network: CW
Category: Thumbs Down

Cate Campbell is a Seattle radio talk show / disc jockey in a burgeoning relationship with her co-host, Ryan. Nick "Baze" Basile, a slacker who runs a bar, is Cate's high school ex, hasn't spoke to her in years. They had a daughter together fifteen years ago, but gave her up. Lux happens to be that daughter, hates the foster system, and because she's trying to emancipate herself, meets her biological parents (because she needs one / both or them to sign some paper, or something). Inanity ensues and though the judge ultimately won't emancipate the 15-year old Lux (because, um, she's incredibly young and has no source of income...), that's okay because just by being in Baze and Cate's lives for a couple days, she manages to bring them together and form some sort of proto-family, despite Cate and Baze both having romantic interests.

The show basically plays like Knocked Up, 15-years later, if Katherine Heigl never agreed to let Seth Rogen into her life. Hell, Cate and Baze seem to have pretty much the same characters surrounding them (Baze's slacker buds, Cate her professional cohorts at the radio station). But... it's not funny or endearing and Lux can be such an "I can take care of myself, screw you all" ice queen that, even with all the odds stacked against her, I found it hard to root for her.

Thumbs way down. I'm going to need coaxing to even watch the screener, should I get my hands on it.

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