Thursday, April 23, 2009

Next Season - CW

Oh, CW. You conundrum.

- 8pm: Gossip Girl. Sticking with it.
- 9pm: Lily (possibly titled Valley Girl, which works MUCH better IMHO). Don't make the mistake ABC did when spinning off Private Practice from Grey's Anatomy. Be more like Buffy and Angel. Program the spin-off after the original series from the get-go (even if, in this case, a popular character from the original isn't leaving to star in the spin-off). I haven't read the script, I haven't seen the backdoor pilot, but everyone expects this spin-off to be a go series.

- 8pm: 90210. Deal with it being at 8pm. It hasn't performed much better at 9pm, away from Idol, unlike how Gossip Girl improved when moved to Mondays at 8pm. Use it as a lead-in.
- 9pm: Melrose Place. The obvious choice, I know. Again, script unread, sight unseen, but people expect it to be a go series. Putting the two remakes of old Fox series together isn't necessarily a stroke of genius, but it is a stroke of likeliness and obviousness.

- 8pm: America's Next Top Model for two cycles, ANTM spin-off Operation Fabulous between cycles. I don't see OF as being strong enough to carry its own hour, and if it was tried at 9pm and failed, CW would be left with another season of using the post-ANTM timeslot for nothing but repeats of one of its drama series, diluting the ratings of the series' first run (seriously, 90210's actual numbers are so blurry for me because it has almost always had a next day rerun).
- 9pm: Vampire Diaries. I haven't done my review of this pilot, but despite my feelings that its oh-so been-there-done-that... one, the CW doesn't seem to really be against retreading old material, and two, I can see it working (despite it not being much more than a talkative version of Twilight). Without a connection to either Gossip Girl or 90210... I say put this in the post-ANTM marquis spot.

- 8pm: Final(?) season of Smallville.
- 9pm: Final(?) season of Supernatural (at least fans tell me that the showrunner has said he mapped out a five season story). Thursdays have worked this season for CW. As long as both components are coming back... don't mess with it.

- 8pm: Final(?) season of One Tree Hill. I put this here because I do think the Gossip Girl spin-off will nab the post-GG timeslot, and because of what I'm going to suggest for Sundays.
- 9pm: The Body Politic. Another show I haven't reviewed, and it has the odds stacked against it, being a twenty-something-in-politics show. Hence... put it on after the twenty-something soap opera. The other option if The Beautiful Life (or, actually, a second season of Privileged, which has been rumored for Fridays), but I prefer twenty-somethings in politics over the modeling scripted series in part because I far prefer Minka Kelly to Mischa Barton.

Sunday - give it back to the affiliates. CW doesn't have the money to program more original dramas, and its not developing any comedies (and OF is the original reality show it's developing if I recall correctly... and it's quite possible I don't). If it keeps 7-10pm on Sundays, maybe move my Friday block to 8-10pm on Sundays preceded by a 7pm repeat (i.e. ANTM like in CW's premiere season)... but there are going to be regularly scheduled repeats somewhere on the CWs schedule if it needs to program Sundays... and I abhor regularly scheduled repeats. The movie block has done slightly better than the Jericho repeats, but well enough to warrant another season? I'm not sure.


Nathan said...

Vampire Diares should not be picked up but Body Politic should. I would love for BP to be paired with GG and Lily on Sundays or something since it will already have an audience. 90210/Melrose on Tuesdays and Thursdays the same with Wednesdays ANTM and Beautiful Life.

Travis Yanan said...

Why should VD not be picked up (oh, hah, I get it...)?

If you move GG/Lily to Sundays, what is 8pm on Mondays behind OTH?

Nathan said...

I was think maybe something like this, but this is just off the top of my head.

M: Gossip Girl, The Body Politic
T: Melrose Place, 90210
W: America's Next Top Model, The Beautiful Life.
T: Smallville, Supernatural
F: Whatever they want, IDK.
S: One Tree Hill (Privileged midseason?), Lily

Anonymous said...

By: Hey

Sunday Night

8pm-10pm Affiliate Hour
[they may have luck with it]

Monday Night

8pm Gossip Girl
[June: Valley Girls, the CW should try and be different from the other broadcasting networks and program some first run drama in summer]

9pm The Body Politic
[I like the pilot script]

Tuesday Night
8pm Melrose Place
[Why not?]
9pm 90210
[Will surely gain viewers from the large premiere of Melrose]

Wednesday Night
8pm Operation Fabolous
9pm Vampire Dairies [premiere around November 21st when the new twilight film is going to be released for 13 episodes.

8pm Top Model [American Idolise Top Model, with a longer season premiering in Feb sweeps and run to May sweeps]
9pm A Beautiful Life

Thursday Night
8pm Smallville
9pm Supernatural

[the cw should re-work that Smallville spin off again for next season, because it is the highest rating series on the cw]

Friday Night
8pm Reaper [has been growing in the ratings steadily]
9pm Privileged [love it]