Monday, April 27, 2009

Pilot Script Review - Eva Adams

Written By: Kevin Falls (adapted from the Argentinean format Lalola)
Draft Date: December 31, 2008
Pages: 67
Network: FOX
Category: Jury's Out

Eva Adams is the story of a womanizing sports agent, Adam Evanston, who wakes up to find that he has become a woman. As time goes by, Eva Adams inches closer to "Thumbs Down" for me, but remains "Jury's Out" as some of the sillier elements in the draft I read have been removed (or so I'm told... namely a ton of the voiceovers and Eva seeing Adam in mirrors after the change).

Amusingly enough this happens the night after a sexual harassment seminar at work. Adam was the kind of guy who ran through assistants because he was an ass, and so once he gets his bearings, he poses as his own new assistant, Eva Adams, and tries to maintain his old business as the sharks around the office (including his old friend Connor) try to poach his clientele. When she finds this difficult, she teams up with beta-male sports agent Paul to help him sign a big star.

The only person Adam/Eva tells about his transformation is Grace, a best friend of childhood, who helps Eva out after getting over her skepticism (which takes long enough, but not too long).

I'm surprised that Fox is pursuing the sports agent territory again, even with the added twist of a sexism parable. I liked 2005's busted female sports agent pilot Amy Coyne much more than I liked this (and I was frankly surprised when Amy Coyne wasn't picked up so that the network could make room for, sigh, Headcases). Ironically enough, the actress who nabbed the role of Eva (Rhea Seehorn) was in Headcases.

Then again, Will Arnett is going to play Adam while he's still a man... so the first 10-15 minutes at least should be a good romp!

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