Thursday, April 2, 2009

In Brief, Regarding Last Night

Lost - The pace of this season has really slowed down, but that doesn't mean the episodes are bad, per se. Last week's was. This week's episode ("What Happened, Happened"), considering it was Kate-centric, was really good. Very much character-based and it spelled out what happened off-Island with Aaron. I like it when the show allows itself to stray away from mythology and get back to emotions (don't get me wrong, I love the mythology, too... very excited for what seems to be our first look inside The Temple next week). Also had a hilarious runner with Miles trying to explain time travel to Hurley, and Hurley not getting it, not getting it, still not getting it, and POKING A GIANT HOLE IN THE THEORY (if Sayid shot Ben, how come Ben didn't remember that in season two when Sayid tortured him?) Which got explained by Richard, kinda-sorta. That line about "he will lose his innocence" was so wrong, though...

Damages - I'm not sure I entirely understand what happened. I mean, I know what happened (and all of it very quickly in the final minutes). But when did Patty start setting this play up? I missed any clues that were dropped, if any were dropped (seriously, though, Patty Ex Machina). This season started out with so much drive and just became a messy mess mess along the way (more so than the first season, which faltered in the middle but righted itself by the end). And why was Marcia Gay Harden in so little of the season considering she was in the opening credits (at least Ted Danson was sonly in the credits when he was appearing... and he was only in one scene last night... so weird...)? She only had, like, two scenes the entire season with Glenn Close. Disappointing. This season definitely didn't have the emotional hook the first season did. Hopefully the third/final season will be balls-to-the-wall awesome.

South Park - Very funny episode, glad the show did a "silly for silly's sake" episode after last week's episode about the economy (which was hilarious, but serious... I still laugh at the "chart" the government was using).

Scrubs - Weird that on a night that South Park did an episode about queefing (yeah... like I said, silly for silly's sake), Scrubs has a plotline about a female patient who refuses to fart (and it turns out is HIV positive...?)

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