Friday, April 3, 2009

Emergency Love Letter

I have very little to say about the ER finale except to say that it was touching, fulfilling, and pretty much hit all the right notes. Some people will be bummed that it simply ended without really ending, but for a series that has been on for so long and has had such a revolving door of cast members and no main narrative to it other than to tell gripping stories about a Chicago hospital, patients, and doctors... it didn't need to "end" anything. In fact, it shouldn't have. These characters' lives go on and we pretty much have an idea of where their lives are headed next (this was the same feeling I got a few weeks ago from "Old Times," the episode with Clooney and Margulies...) It was great to check in with Drs. Lewis, Weaver, Corday, and Benton and... in the biggest surprise for me, Rachel Greene. Who is becoming a med student and interviewing at County.

Warm fuzzies, people. This is the way to end a series.

Also, the retrospective at 8pm was fantastic (thanks, whoever put it together, for focusing a lot on the original characters and actors). I got very choked up at times, remembering episodes from long ago.

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