Saturday, February 2, 2008

And contrary to my previous Doomsday post (aka Lucy)

... here is what I'm hearing from another source, and it goes more closely hand-in-hand with the vibes form Nikki Finke and the New York Times articles.

Everyone is in agreement on the basic terms of the deal, and an agreement is being drafted, it should be in by Tuesday. If there are no issues that come up based on that draft, the contract will be brought to the WGA board probably by Friday. If the leadership (Verrone, Bowman, and Young), the board and the negotiating committee are behind it, the feeling is that the general membership will ratify the contract.

This process could take up to three weeks, but writers could go back to work sooner than the contract being ratified.

Obviously, it's a wait-and-see time, and there's no guarantee that SAG will find the deal close-enough that they don't go out on strike in July.

And there's nothing saying this can't and won't blow up in our faces.

It would seem as if having Peter Chernin back in the informal talks yesterday helped a lot.

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