Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ready for some football

So that game was pretty boring / unintense until the last five minutes, huh (the party I was at had a whole bunch of socializing, and a lot of shouted "oh, shit. oh, shit." by the end)?

Was elsewhere, so I've got the whole thing (and commercials) saved on the FauxVo for review (I'll admit, I wasn't paying too much attention to the commercials this year).

The post-game was only 30 minutes, so House started at 10:38pm Eastern. Especially with such a close (if slightly low-scoring and boring until the last few minutes) game, should be a big lead-in for the episode. I'm expecting it to come close to the Grey's Anatomy numbers, simply because House is such a big hit already. The episode seems very formula outside of the "House and his team aren't actually with the patient, since she's in the South Pole" thing. I really, really, really wish the show had been able to go with its original plan for the post-Super Bowl episode... but enough complaining about that.

OH MY GOD the ending. THE ENDING!!!!!!!!! I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!! That so fixes my issue with the result of Number 32 from my Top 50 of 2007 list.

Still not liking that the show can't fit both Cameron and Chase into episodes. Since the end of the Survivor-arc (as in last Tuesday's episode and tonight's episode), it's been either-or.

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