Friday, February 22, 2008

Whittle It Down

So... I'm committed to trying to watch the entire hour tonight. I guess I'll fast forward through clip packages. I never really watch the elimination shows of Idol, I just read who got cut on the internet. I suppose I always have the luxury of skipping right to the ending.

Meanwhile, yay, Ronnie wasn't cut on Make Me a Supermodel. But fake gay love affair person Ben is up for the vote this week (though the episode definitely set up either Perry or Jacki being the one to go because of arrogance or inhumanity, respectively... while everybody <3s style="font-style: italic;">Lost reactions will come tomorrow (too tired tonight to react). But, um, the streak continues?

Ugh, nevermind, this results show crap is killing me, skipping to the ending...

I'm surprised Garrett was cut, because he took the critique so well. That's what lack of airtime does, I guess.

Meanwhile, I'm not surprised about Amy Davis. In an uglier year, she'd have made it further as a hot chick, but this season is a very, very attractive group of ladies.

Plug: Randy Jackson's album. Can someone give me the number of Paula's airbrusher? But not her windmachine person. Not that my hair is long enough to accidentally go down my throat while I'm lip-syncing. It's been a while since I've watched music videos... but was there a concept to this one other than Paula Abdul standing and walking in front of back-up dancers?

Um... between Joanne and AMANDA? That has to be one of those cruel jokes, right? The producers are just breaking my crayons and forcing me to threaten to stop watching if Joanne stays over Amanda, right? I mean... come on. It's not even believable suspense. At least put, like, Kady Malloy up as the decoy since she actually did poorly. And if Amanda actually did get the third lowest vote total (I'm not sure if the producers just put random people up, or they actually warn the person who was next on the totem pole)... well, I've got to start voting... and I hate voting (for reality shows).

Simon wins for best snarky product placement since 30 Rock's Verizon plug (can we have money now?) for "enjoying my Coca-Cola".

Hm, Chikezie versus Ellen DeGeneres... I gotta go with Chikezie leaving because HE WAS AN ASS. Once again, the show fails to create real suspense. Only, wait, it doesn't. A surprise, again, on the boys' side. But at least it wasn't one of the few men to actually perform decently (or better) this week. Also, this is just me noting things, but Chikezie is the only black male contestant (while Joanne was the only big black woman, but there are a few others sistahs). I think it matters.

Wow, Simon's an ass! Love it!! I mean, hate him for it, but love it!

Cue Ferras' "Hollywood Is Not America" (sigh, this is a good song... is it too much to ask that the winner get something on the same level or better for the coronation song?)

Travis, out.

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