Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday Night TV

American Idol: Damn you, FOUR MINUTES OF OVERRUN. Seriously, that's just unacceptable. At least have the programming department tell the EPGs that it's going to run over. I was planning to leave the apartment at 9pm, so I started watching around 8:15pm. Anyway... WTF so many people in the Top 24 that I don't think I've seen their names before, much less heard ANY audition from them? Ever? Not in the audition phase, not throughout Hollywood Week. Doesn't seem to gel with the "build contestant stories more" mandate. Plus it makes it impossible to think about who is going to make the Top 12... because I haven't heard note one from almost half the contestants. Anyway... hopefully both Josiah and Cardin will be back for Idol 8. Oh, and please, never subject me to another opening like tonight's with Fox plugging 20th Century's Jumper. Although, hilarious tangent, I'm not sure who looked more uncomfortable and did a worse job acting/shilling: Hayden Christensen or Ryan Seacrest. Frightening.

Project Runway: Really, Rami? REALLY? Ugh, I'm so over his love of draping. And I'm so disappointed that he even has a chance to knock Chris March out of Bryant Park (as far as the competition is concerned, anyway). Ferosha Coutura was on fire. It would be anticlimactic for Christian to win in all... but I'm pretty sure he's going to. It's either him or Jillian, since whatever Chris busts out will probably be haute costume, but not couture, and if it's Rami, it's going the be MORE DRAPES. YAWN.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart/The Colbert Report: It's kinda insane how different (and better) these shows were now that the writers are back. I mean... night and freaking day.

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