Friday, February 8, 2008

The "Wow" Factor

I know, I know, I still haven't done a detailed post about the season premiere of Lost last week. I probably won't at this point. Bottom line... it was over-hyped, but a solid effort that definitely laid clues and the groundwork for, well, the rest of the series. It didn't really have much of a "wow" factor, though. Lots of information, a whole new timeline to try and digest, new mythology... so tons of the usual brand of Lost unknown. But not a ton of "wow."

Tonight's Freighter-people-centric episode ("Confirmed Dead") brought the "wow" and then some. I mean... damn. So. Freaking. Good. BTW, I'm not sure what the most "wow" came from, so feel free to chime in with your "wow" notices. For me (hopefully I'm not spoiling too much), the big "wows" were what the Freighter-people came to the Island for, Charlotte's flashback scene, and the cliffhanger.

Even if the last bit of flashback was an info-dump rather than the usual "maybe someone is thinking about this, and it emotionally informs the Island-story". Since it was a scene between Comm. Daniels Matthew Abbadon and the (officially?) deceased Naomi. BTW, how awesome is it that the Lost writers misspell "abaddon" in order to get an anagram ("what bad boatmen"). I wonder if there's an anagram... perhaps an insanely large one... to be had from the four Freighter-people's names (since the show was so kind as to say their first and last names, and in the case of Charlotte, her middle name) (i.e. Daniel Faraday could be "A Linear Day Fad" but is probably not). Or maybe they'll just be the usual lumping of references to philosophers, scientists, and authors. Well, someone else will figure it out and I'm sure it'll wind up around teh interwebz.

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