Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lost Hurts My Brain

Time travel will do that, I suppose.

Coolest moments:
- Minkowski.
- painting of The Black Rock at auction... background on our Island's land-capsized boat! and the Hanso family is the only one who knows the contents of the discovered first mate's journal! at an auction house whose name is an anagram of "shifted soul" no less!
- it's almost Christmas on Lost Island!
- numbers! so many numbers...
- Penny lives at an address that anagrams out to "Ye Lack When" which I find hilariously British of her.
- the intercutting of the Penelope/Desmond phone call
- Daniel Faraday's math journal (real space, imaginary time, light speed, relativistic mass of particles, Lorenz invariants). Can we get a high-def screenshot of that a la the blacklight map in The Swan station?

I feel like they really went overboard on the anvil Desmond's story reflecting The Odyssey.


Desmond is so going to die without finding Penelope... but, like, moments beforehand.

... my brain really hurts.

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