Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Top 12 Men

So... okay, I'm watching the first half (or however long it takes to catch up with live-time) of this then running out, then watching the rest later tonight. Why start out with '60s night?

David Hernandez: Nothing special to his voice. He can belt that gospel stuff though.

Chikezie (sp?): Bad performance and even worse reaction to the judgment. Wow, can he leave please?

David Cook: I'd vote for that.

Jason Yeager: It's our first time really seeing this guy... seeing his audition story with his son (!? could've sworn he was gay... maybe it was the hair being the only impression we'd been given of him to this point... I'm horrible for assuming things). So he's at a major disadvantage to start with. Pleasant voice, nice pipes, but, hm, nothing really special. Agree with Simon's critique... it was cruise ship. Maybe hotel jazz bar.

Robbie Carrico: I like Aimee Mann's version better, but it wasn't terrible. Guy's gotta get a different look, though, because he's so not Bo Bice. Maybe look the bandanna and get a haircut but leave the trim beard?

David Archuleta: Anyone else get a "keep it for a rainy day" sunshine-y feeling off this kid? He picked a song a bit too low in his register for him at some parts and lost a note near the end. But still the best performance yet. I keep waiting for Paula to jump his bones. What's with David's speaking voice, though? Very breathy. Aw, poor kid. He has no idea what to do with himself on screen. He makes me smile.

Danny Noriega: Am I the only one who doesn't like this kid? I dunno... just the whole package with his hair and mannerisms and outfit... I dunno, dawg. As long as he doesn't start saying "fierce" a lot, I'll be okay (that's Christian's thing, he can't have it). I just gett some very Sanjaya-esque vibes from him (especially because of hair that could easily become a national fascination). Paula start talking about the colors of his voice and all I can picture is him flying a rainbow flag from his Jetta.

UPDATE: 10:49PM, I'm back, lubricated (yay, vodka), and ready for more smarmy Ryan Seacrest.

Luke Menard: Again... who? Goddamn, there's a lot of tenors on this show. Where're the baritones representing us not-high-enough, not-low-enough ranged vocalists? Anyway, he's a little nasal, and a little, well, forgettable. He needs to work on making love to the camera (er, with his eyes).

Colton Berry: Earlier he had an onscreen bit where he said he looks like Ellen DeGeneres from the following angles: left, right, and from the front. Hilarious. And he kinda sorta does. Which is DISTURBING. He said his problem had been theatrical performances. Tonight, I think he could've done with a little, um, zsa zsa zsu? Also he had some major pitch problems, especially at the end. Dear Simon: If you wanted a recording artist, why did you send Josiah Leming away? That kid clearly has some modern/relevant talent (if not the best vocal range).

Garrett Haley: He's a little blasé, no? And his speaking voice is soooo fem. So his is singing voice, apparently (per the brief audition clip). There must be so much flak coming at the show about the fact that 6 of the 12 male contestants didn't have any screentime during the auditions or Hollywood Week. Garrett's song is boring and he sings it some of it really flat. Like Luke, Garrett's performance is forgettable. His response to the criticism should save him (boy has grace).

Jason Castro: All together, and for the final time tonight, now... who? Well, his hair makes an impression. Playing the guitar makes an impression. But, ultimately, pretty safe. Little vocal impression because of the lack of challenge in the song. Simon says Top 2 of the night with David Archuleta. I think David Cook's was better.

Michael Johns: Singing "Light My Fire" again? Hm, that's... eh? Much better performance than in Hollywood Week.

Travis Yanan's bottom two performances: Chikezie and Danny Noriega. But ultimately I think any of Garrett, Colton, Luke, and Jason Y. will be the bottom two on Thursday because of the "forgettable" factor combined with lack of screentime.

Based on this week and prior performances we've seen, the Top 6 Men will be David Cook, Robbie Carrico, David Archuleta, Jason Castro (the only no-screentime person to get praise tonight), Michael Johns, and probably Danny Noriega (saved by prior performances).

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