Saturday, February 2, 2008


Despite Nikki Finke's most recent post citing progress at informal talks between the WGA and the moguls, I heard a really disturbing rumor tonight that I pray to God is just idle speculation that went through two people before getting to me (though the original source is someone who is highly placed within the industry).

The rumor basically goes that if there isn't a settlement tomorrow, the studios are going to walk away again. And are going to sit it out until next year.

So, when this doesn't come to pass, I hope you'll forgive me for being foolish enough to post it and get you all momentarily worried with me. But I'm deeply troubled by even the possibility of the "next year" part of this rumor, much more so than Lucy pulling the football away again.

I don't understand the financial reasons for walking away again, because, as I've said before, the studios have accomplished the house cleaning they wanted to get done with the strike lasting as long as it has. There are no more short-term gains to reap (aside from firing executives and their staffs), only long-term losses to exacerbate.

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