Friday, February 22, 2008

Eggtown (aka I Lied)

I do have the energy to post a Lost commentary tonight (weird, those nighttime cold medications and anti-histamines ought to have knocked me out...)

Anyway... how much so I <3 one =" good" style="font-style: italic;">Valis. Which I will now have to reread (it's been ten years). After all, Locke tells Ben to reread it. I have to ask... why are there no more eggs? Sadly, that was probably my least favorite Locke/Ben scene. They're usually longer and more intense and acting master-class-ish.

Scene between Kate and Sawyer... OMG, my friend is totally and completely right that the "he" Kate was referring to in "Through the Looking Glass" is her son. Sawyer's son. OMG.

Flashforward! Kate's a celebrity! And I suspect they're going to explain, through Oceanic 6 Magic, how she can be herself in the outside world again without facing up to those Pesky Murder Charges. Oh, suckage, Freckles is remanded into custody for the duration of her trial, which, um... seems like it should be extensive given the celeb status and the not guilty plea and the multiple charges.

Sun and Jin! Remember them? And how they used to get screentime? Anyway, Jack and Juliet return to the Beach with Daniel and CS Lewis, and fill everyone in on the exposition of last week's Island story in a matter of seconds, while completely ignoring the issue of time-space fluctuations. Sad, now.

Kate is surprisingly resourceful about finding Miles (poor Hurley...) Now, why does she want to talk to him, exactly? Kate, in another shocking move of intelligence, cuts to the chase in asking Mr. Boatman what he knows about her and her crimes. Mr. Boatman creates what I'm certain will be an episode full of Kate-centric shenanigans trying to get Miles an audience with Ben so that she can find out what she wants. Miles so knows how to play the game of "delay answers to infuriate viewers". Peanut-butter kudos.

Kate's sleazy lawyer is telling Kate that she can make a deal and probably serve 7 years of a 15 year sentence with good behavior (dear Lost: why not make it 8 of 15?) Kate's reaction is understandable, but two things come of this scene. One, her mother is the DA's star witness, meaning that she's probably got to die for Kate to get off. Two, the lawyer wants to make the trial about character, not what Kate did/didn't do (like the show itself! So meta!) and wants "him", which further convinces me that "he" is Kate's son. And, bam, Kate voices it. Gotta remember to give my friend the necessary props.

Back on the beach, we find out that it's been a day since Sayid and Desmond took off. Cue dramatic music and Sun's thankful questioning! Gosh, how much does Sun rock? She's like the Island's Lisa Simpson.

Cute scene between Kate and Claire re motherhood (and the necessary info drop about Locke's dinner party and Ben's whereabouts). Maybe the baby isn't hers... it's Aaron? Eh, probably not.

Kate's lawyer calls Jack to the witness stand. Pre-beard Jack. Dude, whatever is going to go down here is what is going to cause their rift. Is this scene right after Jack's visit to Hurley in "The Beginning of the End"? Ooh, Jack just lied re: the marshall. Ruh roh. And is continuing the COMPLETELY FABRICATE THE STORY OF THE ISLAND. OH MY GOD. SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS WHAT'S GOING ON HERE? We know there's some big lie that the Oceanic 6 told... this is it, peeps. Hahah, the DA asks Jack is he loves Kate. Who cares, the DA is now my new besty. EVERY SINGLE THING JACK SAID WAS A LIE. It's clearly this lie the Ocean 6 spun that has caused the divide between Kate and Jack... so now we need to know... why the lie?

Hey, look, Sawyer's hilarious glasses return!

Sawyer tells Locke about Kate's request. Locke has no choice but to demand Miles tell Locke whatever he was going to say to Ben. Meaning Locke has to leave his house. Meaning Kate can go in and smuggle Ben out. Meaning Miles is so very not still in the boathouse. This is all very obvious. However, Kate brings Miles to Ben. Interesting. Oh, and Kate? How much more respect do I have for you now that you told Miles to go f*** himself when he asked to be alone with Ben? I mean, in more network-friendly words... but yay. OMG, MILES AND BEN CAN YOU PLEASE STOP BEING SO VAGUE? Who is Ben? What can he do? Who is Miles going to lie to (Matthew Abbadon?)? Why is Miles such a cheap extortionist date? How is Ben going to get the money to Miles in a week?

Locke is a frightening, frightening man.

Aw, Kate's mother just wants to see her grandson.

Wait, why is the title of this episode "Eggtown"?

Daniel and CS Lewis test each other for psychic power development. Huh? Shouldn't they be busy discussing fluctuations in time and space? Please? Anyway... apparently the helicopter didn't make / hasn't yet made it to the freighter.

John Locke is a truly, truly frightening man (with regards to gagging Miles with a grenade). Genius, Locke has it. Enjoy your breakfast, dude.

Kate hasn't left the barracks yet. Probably a bad idea. Slapping Sawyer? Hottt.

Looks like Kate's mother is about to bite the big one. Probation... acceptable way to get Kate out. Who's driving that taxi? Anyway, the rift hasn't started yet... but clearly it's the big lie that caused it.

That kid is too old to be Kate's. It has to be Aaron (and therefore Jack's half-nephew). And it is (so, perhaps, half-props to my friend?) How long have they been off the Island in the flashforwards, anyway? A year? A few? Anyway... poor Claire?

Next time: Answers re helicopter???

Looking back on this post, it's clear the Blogger ate a paragraph or two at the top, but I can't remember what it is that I said i <3ed and whatever came after that up to the word "Valis". Sigh.

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Sole Survivor said...

Good episode. I agree that it is Claire's child and found it interesting that Jack 1) lied under oath and 2) didn't want to see Kate's "son". This flashback still must be before the one in the finale last year...Jack still seems happy and hasn't grown that beard yet. So 2 big questions that would appear to have contradictory answers: Why is Jack lying (because everyone else on the island died) and what is there on the island that's worth going back for (survivors that are still alive)?