Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Economist

Well, it's official. Lost is on a roll. Three episodes into this season (and out of, I guess, seven that will air now, and six more will air later this season) and, day-um, but I don't remember the last time the show has kept me so on the edge of my seat with sheer entertainment value (even if half of the twists are things that I've speculated with other Lost fans... offline/IRL of course). It's just fun again. And the mysteries are good... and character based. Not a ton more "OMG, WTF IS UP WITH THAT ISLAND" questions being asked. Which is good, because I'm still waiting on answers on the giant four-toed statue, Smokezilla, and the rest of the Island shenanigans (though the time fluctuation bit was fantastically, and hilariously, brought to light tonight).

Apparently all of the 8pm repeats are annotated. I'm not currently recording anything on Thursdays at 8pm... I might just have to record/watch them.

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Sole Survivor said...

Great episode. I was absolutely speechless at the end - I thought for sure Sayid was working for Abbadon. Ben is a fascinating characterand I'm very interested to find out what is truly motivating him.

P.S. - this is tvfan300 from PIFeedback - love the blog and love LOST!