Wednesday, February 20, 2008


So I've threatened this a lot I guess... but I'm watching Nip/Tuck (because last week had a good cliffhanger I was told about, so I caught it in rerun). It's the season finale (well, there were supposed to be 8 more episodes in the 5th season, but whatever). And, well, Julia has retrograde amnesia.


Come on, show. Really!?

Considering how much of a pest the Eden character is, I was really pulling for a non-twist out of the fact that she shot Julia, then lied and said that Julia tried to commit suicide. Retrograde amnesia?

I think that, well, unless something amazing happens in these next 15 minutes, the show is off my list for good.

Oh, damn you, show. That ending was just such a sad rip-off of the brilliant season two ending with the Carver putting Christian's life in danger. I suppose I have to show up for the next episode, what with being invested in these characters... but, jeez! Really and entirely ran out of ideas, didn't they.


Mike said...

Are you really still invested in these characters, Travis? I don't even know how I managed to endure this season, especially after the third and fourth ones, but after this god-awful finale, I quit.

Travis Yanan said...

You know, I keep asking myself if I am, and I find that, to some extent, yes. Mostly just Sean and Julia, and since it's his life in danger, I figure I have to come back for one final episode whenever the series returns.

I mean, I really, really don't give two figs about Matt, Kimber, or Christian. The show never gives Liz anything to do, so she doesn't even come into the equation.

Although... where the hell was Baby Connor this entire season?

Cyril said...

Amnesia, shooting, arrasment, food poisonning, meth addiction, meth lab explosion, incest, new found lesbianism, adultery, exact same plot as californication, porn, creepy 18yo/40+yo sex, reality show, fame, bulimia, paparazzi, car accident, stabbing, stuffing to death, falling off a building while effing....
in 10 episodes?
do you really think they don't have any ideas! ahah
well no it has definately gone to the crapper this year! but hey, like you, i'll be watching!