Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Top 10 Women (also other reality shows on Wednesday, because that's all that is on, apparently)

Carly Smithson: Better than last week, and I thought she was among the best last week. It only is going to get better from her.

Syesha Mercado: Baby cry = freaky! Man, I wish this girl busted out so funky disco stuff. Am I the only one who thinks that there was disco music in this decade? Pretty boring arrangement, IMHO.

Brooke White: Love that she played the guitar (recall, she also played the keyboard during Hollywood Week). Her "You're So Vain" is simple. Very Carly Simon/Sheryl Crow, to be honest. And since Brooke doesn't have (or hasn't exhibited) the powerful voice that Carly and Syesha have (but don't always use), I think it's wise to get a little more alternative. And the judges dig the performance and the song choice. Brava, Brooke.

Ramiele Malubay: I'm not surprised that she Polynesian danced when she was young. OMG, FINALLY some disco fun. The song got a bit away from her, but Ramiele found it again. I'd say 80% of it is awesome. This is actually the song I wanted Syesha to sing. Maybe I'm on the wrong page about the '70s (or at least a different one than the judges)... because I want more disco! Ramiele is totally safe, though.

Kristy Lee Cook: She needs to do much, much better than last week (no flu excuse to fall back on). Good lord, she's rocking the outfit this week. I feel like this performance is right in line with the song at the beginning, though... no good. It's much better than last week, though. She needs to break out the expressive vocals and range that she showed in her auditions. Randy's right, there was no moment in the song. Simon advises the country route... hm, what will Alaina Whitaker (aka "Carrie Underwood looks like me") think of that? She seems like more of a pop singer to me... shrug.

Amanda Overmyer: Okay, I like this girl... but she needs to prove her voice outside of the rock edge. See the softer side of, um, well, not Sears, but you get it. Hm, I wonder what Supernatural fans will think of her "Carry On My Wayward Son"? She's pitchy and flat in places... sounds a bit hoarse. I bet "karaoke" is used by the judges. Once again, though, her pants are FABulous. Simon is totally wrong about the pants. I hope Amanda stays, but it's a pretty talented female pool this season (not reaching the heights of the best Idol women, but it's a well above average group). But no one said karaoke. I lose.

Alaina Whitaker: Hahah, I <3 her food quirk (foods can't touch each other on her plate). Her performance starts too old fashioned for her age. About halfway through, she breaks out into... something off-pitch. A bad performance. A bad song choice. A bad arrangement (too slow... I wonder what that song sounds like peppy). Simon totally pegs the old fashioned element. And there's some entertaining "ask Ryan about fashion" banter.

Alexandréa Lushington: That is just a weird name. I don't lie the hoodie-vest on her. Or her hair this week. Or the shorts. And the song... not good for her. She's gone.

Kady Malloy: Enough with the Britney impressions. I mean... she's got to find her own voice, reminding us how well she can do Brit's is not good (for her)! She takes a pot shot at Simon. Better follow that up with a killer performance. I don't know what song this is to start off with, but it's pretty boring. And Kady's singing is fighting with the backup and the band. There was no opera present in this song. Maybe she should've chosen a song to incorporate her, uh, singing ability? I think she's probably a goner, too.

Asia'h Epperson: A very dour performance from Asia'h, and such a contrast to her video package that was like "you gotta be fun and bring the energy" etc. Once she hits the refrain she starts to power belt and gets lost in the notes. Oh, Randy says she's sick. It was not great, Paula. The ending she got... but the rest of it she missed. Simon is right, she shouldn't have chosen a song so out of her reach (witness, Brooke White singing a song without a huge range, but hitting it out of the park).

Bottom 2: Gotta be Alexandréa and Kady for me. Amanda could be in the danger zone, too.

Is it too soon to predict the final four? Through the auditions, Hollywood, and these two performance weeks, I'm at:
- David Archuleta
- Carly Smithson
- Syesha Mercado
- Ramiele Mulabay

I'd be really interested in a David vs. Carly finale.

Meanwhile, after tonight I think Brooke White could be a fantastic addition to the Sheryl Crow/Michelle Branch brand of mellow alternative "chick with a guitar" music.

Top Model: Um... Kim? The wha~!? Also, how prescient it was of the show to bring 14 models and have one walk out and then be able to eliminate one, bringing the show down to 12! That's like some series Magic 8 Ball hocus pocus form the producers. Next week... MAKEOVERS! My viewing buddy and I have a phrase we chant during the makeover show... SHAVE THAT BITCH'S HEAD! We're pulling for Marvita to get her 'hawk hedged. But we think Fatima might look good with the bald look, too. Marvita will be far more entertaining about it, though (er, for the sadistic viewing audience). I'm liking Paulina as a judge. She has opinions! And was actually kind of advice-giving and helpful!

Project Runway: Shut. Up. No f***ing way were Rami's three pieces better than Chris' three pieces! Ugh. I'm so annoyed right now. SO ANNOYED. Was it the "human hair" (record scratch SFX) fringing? Whatever, Jillian and Christian (OMG, he lives/sleeps/works in the tiniest room evar) are going to wipe the floor with Rami and his oversized, kitchen-sink design element blue coat. And that "dramatic" gown thing made out of god-knows-what... it fit the model TERRIBLY. I was so bothered by the bodice and those hip circle protrusion things.

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Anonymous said...

While it is possible that ANTM intended this to be a double elimination episode, I think that it is just as likely that the quitter, Kimberly, just excellerated that plan a few episodes. I also think the person that was booted, Atalya, was kicked off so as to avoid another quitter next week. She clearly missed her home/mommy too much to remain as a serious contender on the show.

Hair: on the CW boards someone pointed out that Marvita looks like Chris Tucker in The 5th Element. Same haircut, for sure. I would love to see Fatima get her head shaved because her hair is awful. If they accidentally shave off her head too, that might at least fix her personality problems. She is definitely shaping up to be this season's 'Jade'.

It is a shame more people aren't watching this season. The cast this cycle is far more 'model-esque' than the past few cycles' contestants.